June 30, 2022

Thanks to all ours heroes God bless our doctors nurses drivers maintenance office and all workers. Thank you all team members after vacinnation I am in good health sir. Thank you all, for your hard work and for taking care of the community.

Dear Frontline Workers, Thank you so much for what you do and the sacrifices you are making in order for us to get as many people tested and vaccinated as possible. We will never be able to repay you for this effort, but just know we support you and are here for you. As a retired RN, now an at-risk senior, I am with you there in spirit and using all of my skills to keep myself and my husband healthy and from being part of your caseload. Covid-19 vacc program from top to front line. Well organized and carried out by some terrific nurses, aids, and other helpers at parking lots and giving directions and managing the appointment line.

Laxmi inserts a long-lasting contraceptive implant in a client visiting a remote health post in Nepal. The implant prevents pregnancy for up to 5 years. Laxmi talks to local women about family planning and reproductive health. When the first cases of COVID-19 were reported in the Navajo and Hopi Reservations, Ethel Branch grew alarmed that her community didn’t have what it needed to deal with the virus.

Please accept our heartiest congratulations for the successful 1stvirtual PYP exhibition for SHIS team. This academic year has brought in immense challenges and learnings for all of us alike. We definitely acknowledge the additional impact that the Educationists, teachers and students had to adapt to, for a new form of teaching without compromising on quality of learning. PYP exhibition this year is a feather in your caps. Due to Covid, children adopted new mode of learning , teachers made it happen without any major issues.

Online PYP presentations are an innovative way to make the learning more interesting, and I appreciate your continued efforts for it. Due to your hard work, our child is getting an education in a safe and comfortable environment at home, during the pandemic. Ma’am, you are making a huge impact in our lives by giving the best teachings to our kids and making them feel as a family. We wish Avyan will always be blessed with teachers like you. The various pieces of hard work and dedication of all the students and teachers in putting this together were evident.

I have also noticed that he is able to answer your questions during the class and can even explain to me after the class. Thank you very much for the hard work that you putting in with our lil ones. And I really want to salute and thankful to you Ma’am for your concern towards every child. You give chance to everyone to speak a d share their views. In conclusion – We wish you and your families continued good health. We look forward to seeing you when things get back to normal.

There was very less difference in online learning vis-à-vis physical classroom. Although, there were some health concerns due to increase in screen time. I personally happened to be at home and was able to spend much more time interacting with Diya and observing cbd comment le consommer the way classes went throughout the year. We really felt that Diya and her peers in Class VI are blessed to have this group of teachers who put their heart and soul into it. They were always there when kids needed them or even when parents had a question.

The Unsung Heroes Of The Covid

While around 3,000 people embarked on the tedious journey to their hometowns, those remaining stayed back, hoping things would turn around. While the central and state governments were trying their best to supply essentials to the poor, milk, the basic source of nutrition for children, was being left out. Businesses shut down, economies took a hit, and the world saw many deaths due to the spread of the coronavirus. The pandemic brought the world to a standstill in March, following which a number of lockdowns were announced and social distancing was strictly enforced. These companies went the extra mile behind the scenes to support an unprecedented demand for ventilators and other critical medical devices during COVID-19. I have not get hard copy of modules till date.

I had a conference parent teacher meeting with her this week and was impressed with her attitude and dedication towards the class. Thank you for the support and the guidance you are providing to kids🙏. We are really happy and satisfied with your teaching techniques😊👏👏. We appreciate your hard work over the last month and appreciate you staying in touch about how things progress. We trust that you will work hard to care for all the children in the class.

Top 10 Unsung Heros Of Covid-19 Pandemic

The best part was that my daughter was having fun putting up the show. This can be possible only when the teachers help and encourage them. Every child got a chance to have an equal stage share which shows good planning by the teachers. I would like to appreciate all her teachers and esp her HRT Ms Rimpi for weaving the whole event beautifully. She showed much patience and understanding when during preps my daughter fell sick.

While there have been many cases wherein patients with mild or no symptoms were tested positive for the virus, those are only the ones we were able to test. People with a runny nose or cough tend to not think of it as a big deal, and according to many doctors and scientists, they may be the primary reason behind the mind-bogglingly rapid spread of the virus. Our nation should all honk in appreciation for the men and women driving tractor-trailer rigs across the country who are delivering vital food and supplies at an unprecedented pace. Some police departments in several states are helping truck drivers find safe places to park and are even arranging to get food directly to the driver.

Also, my younger daughter, Paavani of class 4-F recently went to a school trip to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary and Fatehpur Sikri. Her HRT, Ms Shivani Gupta along with other teachers took special care of all the kids. The parents were informed of all the important moves during the trip. It felt as if we are on the trip with the kids. I am happy with my decision of choosing Scottish High as the school for my kids. It gives me immense pleasure in sharing my experience with Scottish High International School.

Thanks a lot for working so hard with our kids and putting together a flawless performance. The school’s effort in making children acknowledge our helpers – the unsung heroes and heroines of our daily lives – is laudable and we promise to do our bit in upholding the dignity of labour of all professions. We parents of Lakshya Dhiman would like to thank all the teachers who shaped his personality in the primary year’s programme. Special thanks to Anita Bhalla ma’am for organising an excellent PYP Exhibition. The exhibition was a reflection of remarkable teamwork and hard work put in by the children which were impossible without the guidance of the teachers and Seema ma’am. We as parents feel thrilled to see the performance and growth of our child.

My daughter – Virangna Arora was enrolled for formal schooling this year to Scottish High and we all were so excited. This pandemic led to a very different type of schooling and it was a very tricky situation for parents and teachers initially. I am sure there are many teachers who have made much effort but these ones really deserved a note of appreciation. Teachers like Ms Karishma Bisht will truly steer their wards to take the plunge of breaking barriers and enter a world of knowledge which later transcends to become wisdom. Today I send a silent yet fervent prayer and good vibes to bless the teachers and hope that all the good work they are doing magnifies and manifests in making this generation a good generation.

We couldn’t have asked for a better Teacher, Principal and School during these tough times. We feel extremely proud on writing this email regarding the recently conducted PYP of Class 5-G. More so, as the past year has been so difficult for both the students and the teachers. However, the pains and the extra effort the teachers have put in to overcome this situation is laudable and it was very visible in the PYP event yesterday. Special Thanks to – Ms Monika ; Ms Shreyasi ; Ms Madhulika ; Ms Tarika ; Ms Seema ; Ms Geetika . She is very collaborative and supportive and listens to children and parents patiently. But it clearly symbolizes the willingness to help and go an extra mile if required for her students.

Thank you for keeping trust in our child’s capabilities and helping her to identify them . You have made a great difference for all of our children. Because you care so much about them, you have directed them to trust themselves in all that they do and to become all that they dream. Kynaa and me got emotional post reading the special note written for her . Thank you for helping to make kindergarten such a positive experience for Kynaa. With all of your patience, creativity, and love, Kynaa has achieved a lot this year.

Two mornings ago, while we enjoyed our usual family banter over breakfast, my 13-year-old sister and I shared a joke and laughed our hearts off. Our parents imagined that the joke was on them, but it was a delight to see everyone laughing and trading smiles across the family breakfast table. Along with our health professionals, these are our other unseen and unsung COVID-19 champions who also work in different capacities during these challenging times. It would not be a bad idea if the role of these heroes are also acknowledged, because they deserve it.


I heartily appreciate your supervision and all the hard work put in by Ms Nalini andMs. The entire units of the session were so well compiled and presented through these acts. After coming from the camp- Rudraksh has wonderful stories to share and yes he shared he wanted to stay for one more night for the camp. Thanks for putting in so much of effort to help grow our kids into resilient, self-sufficient, confident and well-behaved citizens.

The Hardest Person To Forgive

I’m really pleased with how well my son has progressed in grade one. I noticed a massive improvement with his writing and expressions. Ms Piyalee Mukherjee was able to find a tiny story writer in him.

It scares me because I can be cleaning a patient’s room and the patient can have the coronavirus and I would never know. I am petrified to not know what is going on or what the patients have. “Nobody recognizes those workers that are really on the front line. People are recognizing doctors and nurses.

You are in my prayers to stay healthy and safe. Thank you to our heroes for your dedication to keeping us all healthy during the pandemic. We see the work you are doing and appreciate you SO MUCH! Thank you for making a difference in our community.

Amazing work in these unprecedented times. We are deeply grateful to you for all the sacrifices that you are making. Words are not enough to thank you for your strength, courage and dedication.

In Lucknow Slum, How An Ngo Is Helping Sustain Lives

Above all, I would really appreciate the efforts put in by the mentors and Anita Ma’am who have made it happen and made the concepts crystal clear to kids. Thank you for their guidance and support to kids to learn in their own way. Abhyuday loves coming to school now which was not the case earlier and he loves both the teachers a lot. His confidence level, academic performance has improved a lot and above all, his performance in FDP. I was enthralled to see his performance in FDP. It was so good to see these little kids performing so nicely on stage, with so much confidence and enthusiasm.

The coordination among the kids went so well. The dialogue delivery was just fantastic. I am so glad to see the kids speaking so well on mike. On a more personal note, Ahaan told us how she managed to calm him and put him to bed when he was feeling restless.

Pooja Dawar Ma’am….thank you very much….for being instrumental in choices she has made for career. Today we stand as proud parent with Dyuti already having offers of Admission in three global universities including two from US. …..not only you CBD Tea were as charismatic and diligent as you are today….you were very KIND to agree to take Dyuti Mid-Session in KG. Thank you Sir…for being instrumental in letting us take the Most Important decision of Dyuti’s Life – admitting her to SHIS.

Meet The Covid

My son is a teenager a sensitive stage as we all know and so are all his classmates. I can completely understand how challenging it is for teachers to handle a class full of teenagers in an effective way. I wanted to share a note of appreciation for Divya Rawat for maintaining a perfect balance between being a teacher and a mentor.

Just wanted to say we appreciate you and the sacrifices you’ve all made. Thank you so much for your dedication and sacrifice. I know you are suffering and I want you to know you are appreciated. Thank you for your presence, endurance, and care. There are no words that send enough love and encouragement and respect for what you are doing to keep your fellow human beings from harm and may you live long, be safe and well ans thrive.

They may not get the glory and acknowledgment they deserve every day, but across Fiji, these people have risked their health and welfare to keep the rest of us going. When we think of champions during the coronavirus pandemic, we probably limited our thoughts to the countless medical personnel who put their lives on the line to help coronavirus patients and their families. Teachers at schools in urban areas, where the transition from classroom to virtual learning has been more or less smooth, faced other challenges.

Thank you for making this world a better place. Stay safe, and always remember how loved you are. You folks on the front line are super heroes.

But they’re not recognizing dietary, environmental service, CNAs. These are the people doing all the main grunt work that has to be done. Nobody is telling them, ‘We appreciate what you do. The Nordstrom winter sale is in full effect now how much cbd oil should you take per day through Feb. 27, and has thousands of deep discounts on clothing for women, men and children as well as slashed prices on hot home and beauty items. There are also bestselling brands included such as UGG, Coach, Nike and many more.

Thanks Vanita Ma’am for being so supportive and patient with the kids. Yohaan is well connected with you and always looking forward to attend the class. We will always be a team to be connected always to work out for progress of Yohaan . We have noticed that both you and Preetima ma’am ensure to answer each and every query child has. Specially would like to appreciate your observation when Irene was not comfortable in today’s class. In conclusion – I wish you and your families continued good health.

Although the focus is on Black law enforcement, Brown said the event is intended to recognize what she called the “brotherhood” of officers. Brown said her students asked about the first Black police officer in the county, and if there were now any Black high-ranking officials and why no Black officers were publicly recognized or awarded. “We haven’t really as a country publicly mourned those 90,000 people yet,” Revels said.

Thank you so much for putting your lives at risk for those who are in desperate need of care. We appreciate how much effort you put into the community. Thank you for making people feel better and treating people with good care. Thank you for helping us with this pandemic.

The Announcement Comes Amid A Nationwide Shortage In Election Workers, According To The Dupage County Clerk’s Office

You are greatly appreciated both now, and beyond this storm. Day in and day out you’ve been helping people fight this deadly virus, and I just want to say Thank You for your dedication, your perseverance and your skills! Everyone I’ve come into contact with has been cheerful and helpful. My heartfelt appreciation for your unselfish service and dedication to attending to others during this pandemic. Blessings for your mental, emotional, and physical well being.

Looking forward to an enjoyable and interesting learning journey of my children here. I really want to take this opportunity to thank Mansi Ma’am, who had mentioned in the first PTM that “its my responsibility that when your child goes from grade 2 to 3, he/she has not just grown in height. I am extremely thankful to Mansi Ma’am for this FDP, where confidence and mic confort was just oozing out of every child. A big heartfelt THANK YOU to both of you for nurturing Reyansh (Nursery -A) into a confident boy and inspiring him to bring out his best.

Students are given an opportunity to create questions in PPT and ask those to their classmates, at the end of each topic. This makes it more fun and interesting for the kids. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be part of the PYP exhibition of grade 5E held on 11th Feb. We really liked the presentations given by all the kids and admired their confidence level at this age group, which Scottish is building in them over years. Special thanks to you and other teachers who mentored and provided guidance in putting their show together.

For example, many hospitals have begun to restrict visitors to prevent the spread of the infection to hospital patients, a vulnerable population. Because of this temporary policy change, many patients have turned to FaceTime or video chatting through Zoom or Skype to see their loved ones. Social support is an important contributor to our mental health right now, especially to those in extreme isolation, and studies have shown how it can decrease anxiety and stress across all populations. Apart from studies, teachers at Aakash also pay attention to boosting the confidence of students as staying at home and reading about dismal news can affect a student’s morale. They even keep reminding them of the safety measures they need to take during the COVID-19 outbreak to stay safe and healthy.

From May 2020, when the crisis was at its peak, 26-year-old Harsh Mandavia, and his mother Heena Mandavia, 49, have been selflessly distributing food at their eatery to homeless people and the unprivileged. The mother-son duo run ‘Harsh Thali and Parathas’ tiffin service in Mumbai. They started feeding people for free after one of their regular customers inspired them.

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Dear Ma’am,I have been thinking of writing this thank you note since a long time. A thank you note for all teachers and staff of Scottish High International School. It’s been a long association with the School now. The journey started during the year 2013 when my daughter – Naisha Kalher got admission in pre-nursery delta 8 thc cartridge near me grade. One thing I always remember from Chairman Sir’s speech during an orientation session for parents – “your child is in safe hands, just don’t worry about your child’s progress”. And Scottish High has lived to that assurance till date.In the Covid19 times, the year had been tough, little scary and uncertain.

It wouldn’t have been possible to settle him in school without their support, cooperation and understanding. I would like to thank the entire school faculty for putting in so much effort for us during these hard how to take cbd oil times. The school has been off but our learning hasn’t, all thanks to the teachers. I’m extremely grateful and wanted to acknowledge how beautifully the school has managed to help us in this arduous time.

Student Life

I’m also glad that it was all their efforts and hardly any by the parents, which is remarkable. The well-designed virtual classes, appropriate course content & screen time allocated to all children to avoid any additional stress on mind & eyes exhibits the highest degree of professionalism & caring attitude. We as parents feel the part of this new teaching and are glad to be involved in the same. And are now aware of how much attention u guys give to each and every child.

It was an amazing experience for us all and thrilling plus emotional for the grandparents. Anays grandparents joined for the first time as they live in Ahmedabad and never got any opportunity so be present in the celebration. I am writing to you on behalf of Aarohi’s grandparents to congratulate all the teachers who have put in so much effort in making this happen. The dance, music and especially the antakshari was really enjoyed by both of them.

My daughters Suhaani Thakur and Paavani Thakur recently got admitted in mid session. Their teachers, Ms Charu and Ms Shivani Gupta took so much care of my children and helped both of them cope up with their missed studies. The kids didn’t feel as if they are new to school thanks to the kind and loving care given by all their teachers. Would like to thanks teachers of Nursery F Ms Tina and Ms Tanu along with the supporting team for the lovely program of FDP.

The good news is that many people from all walks of life are doing their part to help them. And ordinary citizens caring for their neighbors. Ruchika and I attended Ruaan’s Front Desk Program at the Multi Purpose Hall today and were overwhelmed to see the performance put up by the students. It’s wonderful to see their development and the confidence that they are developing at such an early age.

I thank you so much for your life and extremely hard, hard work for the lives of others. Know that we really do appreciate every one of cbd öl 10 wie dosieren you even if it feels like we don’t at times. Thank you so much for your tireless efforts and dedication to keeping us well & safe.

Both my kids (Aditya Arora and Muskaan Arora) are part of Scottish since beginning. It is a charm to see how they are balancing between studies and sports leading to overall development. This FDP was an ‘Aha moment’ for us and was sheer bliss! We realize and appreciate that it must not have been easy. where to apply cbd oil roll on The Mime and Orchestra and Dance performance were innovative and a huge treat to watch. A word of loving appreciation for Ms Sonia Jain, her science teacher who was instrumental in discussing and encouraging Ishya to not only come with an idea but also guiding her throughout the exhibition.

David has invested much of his time to help reduce the negative impacts of the pandemic on the students and has focused much of his efforts on those students who need serious needs. Mindy has been nominated because of her incredible work ethic and smooth transition from working at the MTC to the Cannon Commons. Mindy immediately took her place as an assistant manager when she was moved to the Cannon Commons and provided care and emotional support for all the staff among the chaos. She has helped move an entire team to a new location and adjust to a new schedule.

The whole presentation using the PYP wall, the skits, the poems, the songs, the slogans and the role-plays was extremely captivating. Was very happy and proud to see my ward, along with his group of kids, perform in the PYP exhibition held on 11th Feb 2022. I must appreciate your calls with the group to critique and appreciate and keep the children alert and on their toes in the best way possible. Thank you for being such a great motivator and fantastic teacher. Look not to the gratitude of man but the magnitude of the love you abide in, so that we are all made richer because you chose to give. Many, many thanks for your tireless commitment to taking care of our community.

We need more such mentors around to make our country and specially NCR full of confident girls to be ready to handle the world tomorrow. While all the teachers since Nursery has been great, two teachers, in particular, have been remarkable, Ms Priya Rakesh and Ms Sonia Jain . Attached below is the appeal for funds and appreciation message from the lady who helped auction the model, with Ishya during the exhibition. Would like to deeply thank the entire faculty at Scottish High and in particular Rimpi Mam for getting best out of our kids and making them responsible, knowledgable, self-confident and independent individuals. Thank you so much for the SHIS team and Vijayalakshmi ma’am to encourage them at every level which definitely encouraged them to put their best foot forward. Thank you very much to provide such experience which let kids innovate, explore, design and visualize end to end.

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced Saturday that Flores will serve as their senior defensive assistant/linebackers coach next season. “Brian’s resume speaks for itself, and I look forward to him adding his expertise to help our team,” Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said in a statement. Russia has spent weeks building up military forces near eastern Ukraine, with more than 150,000 troops encircling Ukraine in Belarus and on the Russian side of the border, according to U.S. officials. Most countries around the world are doing their best to stem the rate of infection, including strict measures like legally-enforced lockdowns and social distancing rules. All of that, however, is based on the assumption that everything we know about the virus is correct.

Sanjay Sir – This is a note to thank you for all you’ve been doing of keeping the learning journey going for the children. You have the added task at doing this at scale across multiple classes, teachers etc. Please extend our thanks to all the faculty and support staff who have been partnering with you in this journey. These are unusual and trying times – COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it.

I don’t know from what incredible source you draw your dedication, but I am truly in awe of your commitment. You’ve helped to keep our communities safer and we owe you so much more than we can ever express. Thank you – you are heroes and I so appreciate the work you are doing for all of us as we battle this virus. My admiration and respect goes out to nurses that accept and take daily new challenges with so much love and care. God bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and give you peace.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the school and the HRTs for their efforts. The teachers and the staff deserve credit for Advik’s holistic growth and his overall personality development. Even before Advik was enrolled in your school, we had heard great things about the school and today we feel very proud and happy about our decision.

I would like to appreciate the way situation has been handled by Scottish High. I was a little unsure about online classes in the beginning. I was worried that how my daughter will reciprocate to this new normal and of course an isolated lifestyle. I understand that the solitary confinement of children had been tough for them.

With several fields of modern science and computing trying to up the game, there are many unsung heroes too. These are people we often take for granted and identify just by a job title – I pray that we will learn to know and call these unseen and unsung heroes by their names and to remember how much we owe them. I also hope that we will appreciate the ingenuity of our teachers, who have tried to find ways to keep us on our academic feet through the pandemic with patience and understanding. The teachers at the local government school in Parpada did not want their students’ education to suffer, so with the help of the head of the village, they set up 20 loudspeakers across the hamlet. “We visited each and every house and encouraged the students to join the loudspeaker class.

I am sure all the teachers are doing lot of hard work and backend research to adapt to this new way of teaching on day to day basis and I must say they are successfully able to establish the connect with children. She has made her classes interesting and engaging for children. Very prompt in her support and deeply encouraging for her students. Thank you Karishma for teaching from your heart.

Good morning, just wanted to share that Ayaana was happy and attentive in yesterday’s class; she found it interactive and exciting. And btw wanted to thank you again for the classes and efforts. Educators deserve far more credit than we give them. I hope this note does justice to conveying our feelings of gratitude.

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