June 30, 2022

If it’s not your job to handle cyber security issues and security, why take any interest? You have to do this because you still need to contribute to this system. If there is a problem and you are blamed, you will be held accountable.
If you’re interested in staying secure, below are a few tips for cyber security tips for your workplace.
Avoid writing password on paper
No matter how much work you’re required to perform at work, ensure that you secure your passwords. It won’t be a good idea to note down your passwords on a piece paper such as sticky notes and put it in a place where anyone can view it. This approach will compromise your personal information quicker more than you think. Try a password manager instead.
Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi
Whatever sector you work involved in, chances are you need to complete some work when you’re not in your office at work. Nowadays, everyone must be connected to the Internet by means of WiFi in all times, however, public WiFi isn’t the best option here.
If you plan to make use of a public wifi ensure that you are using the VPN provided by your company prior to making an important financial transaction.
Beware of USB drives that are not known. drives
Things are often dropped, particularly items with a Máster en Ciberseguridad Online small dimensions. You may have come across something lying on the ground, such as a USB drive. What should you do with it? Like many people are, you’ll be enticed to try it.
Unfortunately, according to research studies, most people who stumble across USB drivers , connect the drivers to computers to check what’s inside, which is a big error. There is no way to tell what’s stored in them. It could be a virus or malware which could damage the computer in your office or steal your personal data. Therefore, it’s recommended to avoid using such devices.
Avoid Phishing traps
The majority of times, criminals get access to corporate networks via a phishing trap. It’s important to be aware that no business, regardless of size or large is safe from the scams. It can happen to anyone of us.
You might think that you’re safe, but you should be aware that your data may be stolen. Criminals are always in search of opportunities to serve their objective. They could steal your personal information and sell it on the internet’s dark side.
The issue is, how do you avoid a phishing fraud? It’s simple. It is important to avoid clicking on any link that looks quite similar to the website you frequently visit.
Back up your data
It is important to backup your data. Ranswomware have caused millions of dollars of losses to businesses, particularly individuals. When people are unable to access their files of importance in the first place, they must pay the ransom amount demanded by the cyber attackers. They often target companies due to their ability to pay large amounts of ransom to secure their information.
So, what is the solution? Backup your data. This will keep you safe when you decide to not pay the ransom, and the hacker erases your data.
Here are a couple of cyber security tips you may want to follow in order to be safe at work.

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