June 29, 2022

Women make up the larger percentage of people who purchases cars independently. If you’re with your boyfriend, your husband or your dad, the fact is that, more than 80% of all the time, female makes the final decision, regardless of whether the car is not her style. These are FACTS. It’s advantageous to know other facts when going to a dealer to buy a car. Armed with these information, you’ll be able to make your experience less dreadful and you’ll come away with the car you’ve always wanted for a fair price, and not have to put in 8 hours trying to do it. I know. I used to work in the business world and was aware of all the tactics that ‘old automobile dealerships (and their workers) employ to intimidate female customers. Sadly their certificate of conformity customers never realized that women aren’t as stupid OR helpless as they might have been in another era. This is certainly to your advantage.

Before I proceed I believe it’s vital to share the reasons I opted to sell automobiles. For one thing, the majority of people are about as enthralled by car salesmen than they would be of putting the cactus in their fingers. So , why would anyone even want to make money selling cars? It was because I was sick and exhausted of watching my friends, sisters and a variety of gals get ripped off. And I was certain that I could be more effective than most of the bozos I’d seen in various places that were using those tired old ‘slick’ lines and laughing till the bank. You could say that I was on an adventure. I was in business for 4 years, selling cars, and quite successful I’ll be honest, but I just quit because it was apparent in my mind that I was NOT going to alter the way business was done. The Old School Boys Club was established and I was not going to alter that. What I did modify the way women I know currently purchase their vehicles. In other words, I learned the business and now utilize that knowledge to help others. It’s a great feeling which means that all the hours I devoted was definitely worth the reward. To that end, I shall share what I learned in an effort to help YOU make the purchasing of your car more pleasant.


There’s an abundance of information available via the Internet that will help you in your search and help you reduce the time that you have to spend at the dealer. Such resources as Edmunds and KBB (Kelly Blue Book) can give you precise prices for both the dealer and retail costs in addition to reviews on the car of interest. KBB.com is a great resource for reviewing used cars. Edmunds is both new and used cars. You can also seek help from Costco in the event that you happen be an active member. They offer a great buyers’ plan which lets you know before you get to the dealer what price you’ll have to pay for the car that you’ve decided to purchase. This will eliminate all the “haggling and negotiating. Most dealers that accept Costco deals have a salesperson who interacts with customers and you can even make an appointment in order to reduce the time you’re there. It’s quite handy. If you’re not fortunate enough have the privilege of being a Costco member, you can still arrange things in advance by doing your research about the car you’re interested in and then calling the dealership to set up reservations with the Internet sales person. However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Begin by determining the things you’d like to get. If you’re choosing between a few different vehicles put aside a couple of hours in the week (if feasible) to go to every dealership and test drive the various vehicles. I suggest week days as opposed to weekends because there’s usually less traffic at dealerships during the week, and it’s possible to get in and out pretty quickly. In the state which you reside in, it could be necessary for you to provide your driver’s license to the dealership so that they can make a photocopy of it. Some states actually require the dealership to have your license on file (insurance liabilities, etc.) so you have to let them do this. Check with your local DMV for your state’s laws. If you have to allow them to photograph it, make sure you cooperate with the SALESPERSON whenever he is asked to do this. Why? Because I’ve seen more than one manager with knuckleheads try to keep the license in the possession of his employees in an attempt to keep the customer in the dealer. As stupid as this sounds I’ve witnessed it happen.

You’ve toured the cars you’re thinking of buying and have narrowed it down to two. The next step is determining which one will provide the greatest value. Visit Edmunds and look up each car. Get the MSRPs as well in the invoice price from the dealer. You can also use their calculator to estimate what your monthly payment will be. It’s a good idea to check your credit score prior to deciding which interest rate you’ll get. Now, you’re able to plug in all your numbers, from how much of a down-payment you’ll need to the time frame of the contract and see the possibility of it being feasible. You can also go directly to the websites of the manufacturers to see if they have any deals that are currently running (offered from the manufacturers, not by the dealership) and input these numbers in as well.


Based on the type of offers the manufacturer has You may want to finance your car elsewhere , and skip the department of finance at the dealership. More often than not, they’re going to try to charge you a percentage or 2 over what you’re eligible for. They earn money from this, so they’ll try their best to jack up the cost. If you check with your credit union or another financial institution in advance, you’ll be able to get the best possible rate, and also you’ll spend less time at the dealership. When I bought my first truck, I used my credit union and received an interest rate of 5percent lower than what the dealer offered. That’s a HUGE savings on your total price therefore don’t overestimate the options you could be able to find.


If you’re considering trading in your old car, the best thing you could do is check the value of that vehicle on KBB. It’s important to research “trade-in value”, not ‘selling privately’. This is the reason behind this. If you trade your car in at a dealership and the dealer is likely to give you the lowest amount of money they can to maximize their profit turn-around. In most states, they are required by law to put the vehicles through the service department in order to make sure the car is in compliance with the minimum state specifications for reselling. The dealership is charged for this service, so they take that into account when they make their offer to you to purchase the value of your trade-in. If the car exceeds 60K miles on it, its value will be significantly reduced since dealers aren’t able offer warranty on the vehicle when they attempt to sell it. It’s more likely that your vehicle is going to be auctioned off (that’s the way that those tiny private car dealerships take their cars) as well as the dealership isn’t likely earn any money from the sale. Hence, their outrageously low price for trade-in.

If you’re looking to get the most value for your old vehicle is to sell it yourself. It’s not as straightforward to trade it in, but you’re most likely to make the most money when you handle it yourself. If you don’t need to worry about, then get all your information about the benefits you could get from an exchange and don’t mention nothing to the salesman until AFTER you’ve negotiated your price on the new vehicle. Take the trade-in off the equation in order to lock in your new car price. This will reduce the need for negotiating’.


Now you’ve all of your information and you’ve decided about which car you’ll purchase. You’ve also decided where you’re going to get your financing and also the value of the trade-in. You’re now ready to purchase the new car you’ve always wanted.

Before you can drive onto the lot, you must make the following choices:

Your Down Cost (the most you’re willing pay for the car)

Your Monthly Payment (not an extra penny)

The value of your trade-in (the most you’re willing accept)

Your Credit Score (if you’re financing through the dealership) You can go to the dealership and request to speak with the brand newly purchased car (or used car) the sales director. Let them know what car you’re planning to purchase. Take the car for a second time to be sure it’s the right one. When you’ve returned from your test drive, they’re likely to have you sit down at a desk to begin the entire negotiating process using what’s known as a “4-square’. You’ll be asked to input the details of your application (including the SS numbers). Do not enter your SS number until after you’ve gotten the deal you’d like to get. Because the moment they have that number, the salesperson or manager is likely check your credit. If you know your credit score (which you ought to, if you’ve done your homework), they don’t need to do this just yet. Once you’re finished entering your data the credit bureau will disappear to another office and begin with their highest numbers. When they return to the table, grab the four squares out of his hands (he isn’t going to insist on this, because this is his control document…they actually teach you this when you’re new to the auto industry!) Take the paper and write down all the notes they’ve made, replacing each number with your own.

These numbers will comprise the price of the vehicle in addition to the down payment as well as the monthly payments. (the 4th square will be an option for the trade-in which you’re not entering just yet)Tell the manager or salesperson to inform them that you’ve made your ‘final offer’ and you’ve got 45 minutes before you’ll be leaving the dealership. You should check your time and make a note of it on the 4 square. You may be told by someone you that you cannot buy a car in 45 minutes, and I’m going to prove that you can. I’ve done it over a dozen times with various acquaintances and family members. It’s feasible to buy a car within that time if you’ve completed your homework and have all your ducks in a row.

In this moment, you’re bound to be extremely nervous because all the “tactics” are about to come out. DO NOT BE SWAYED. Stay true to your beliefs and tell them that this is the way to go. PERIOD. If there’s anyone in charge with a brain, you’re going to be signing documents in fifteen minutes or so. If not, stick to your plan and leave. If you’re making a reasonable offer, they’re going to take the deal. If not, you’ll know in the near future. “reasonable” offer I’m referring to is an offer which is more than the cost of their invoice (they are allowed to make an profit. That’s what they’re doing business for! )but not too high that they’re ripping your head off with their profits. When they’ve agreed to your offer, you can tell them you’ll be trading in your old vehicle. Don’t be surprised if the offer is met with great agitation. They are very resentful when people are doing this. But, again, don’t expect to receive top dollar for your trade, especially after you’ve negotiated the deal you want. They’ll offer an offer, but it’s u[p to you to decide whether it’s worth it to sell your car or trade it in yourself.

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