August 13, 2022

What is Project Enoch? Well, Project Enoch 2012 takes its name from the articles assigned to the Old Testament patriarch named Enoch. Enoch was the father of Methuselah and the great-grandfather of Noah. His articles are no longer included in the Sort, but they are still extant in the Apocrypha, and Enoch is referred to in the Sort.The Book of Enoch (Nat) : New American Translation (Paperback) -

Project Enoch 2012 is predicated around the idea that world puppet professionals, in our governments and working behind the scenes individuals governments as well, are going to use the fear and awe surrounding the end of 2012 conceptually as a way to essentially enslave mankind. “Project Enoch” is, in fact, a code name for the very program, already in operation, to make a “brave why is the book of enoch not in the bible new world” where a handful of people (members of the UN) will rule all the people with an iron fists in a velvet handwear cover. A major area of the Project Enoch agenda is to kill off at least half of the current global adult population, in the fact there are already too many people and too many of those people are “useless eaters” instead of producers. Ideally, those behind Project Enoch would like the global adult population to be less than 1 billion. Clearly this means that the vast majority of people alive today should die.

One of the ways in which the sinister minds behind Project Enoch 2012 are reportedly plotting to own great human die-off is through tyrannical control of the food supply. There are already regulations which were in place for some years now that force all crops and all farm-raised animals that are used for food to contain certain chemicals that are allegedly there for our protection… but in reality are there to slowly poison us to death. After 12 , 21st, 2012 comes, there will be a sharp rise in the amount of chemicals use as well as some kind of “beneficial” government regulations enacted to overpower the cause of nutrition and vitamins provided to people. These “beneficial” regulations will play upon preconceived ideas that people have in what is supposed to take place at the end of 2012 and will also be presented as part of the “grand design” to change mankind. These regulations will entirely affect free market economics and in secret they’ll not be about benefiting anyone except the self-anointed “elite”. These are the kinds of people whom Thomas Jefferson in his personal letters referred to as “the artificial aristocracy”: people who are not inherently commendable at all, but who have the methods to purchase power with money.

The greatest mankind will be changed is not by becoming illuminated or more spiritually advanced as will be claimed. Instead, liberty will be curtailed, people will get back to mostly being enslaved, and there will be a new World Government and World Bank. Nation-states such as the World and all the independent nations will be sold out. They may survive in name, but in reality Project Enoch 2012 will create a singular World Government with a singular, almighty military and police force.

Again, it must be stressed the Project Enoch is going to play upon people’s expectations of what is supposed to happen at the end of 2012, such as what has been interpreted from the Mayan Schedule that ends at that time. People will be looking for “signs and wonders”, or they will be looking for terrible disasters and want to be saved from them, or they’ll be expecting extraterrestrial “gods” to return to Earth and set everything aright. People the world over will be blinded by these ideas and not see who is snagging the energy and taking their liberties prior to their eyes. The Project Enoch 2012 World Government will end up being the new religion–and you’ll keep the faith or you’ll be murdered off.

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