October 1, 2022

Mohamed Bin Hamam is Asian football chief. He belongs to Qatar. He was very energetic about bringing the football world cup to his homeland. He also praised the quality of football. Asian football confederation president said: “It’s been an extremely well organised event by Qatar”. The football world cup 2022 is going to be organized in Qatar. According to him, there are still 12 years remaining before beginning of the world cup, but it would be a great rehearsal for this upcoming thrilling event.FIFA World Cup: Which teams have qualified to Qatar 2022? Full list of all  32 nations | Sporting News United Kingdom

Qatar has paid a lot of attention on the maintenance of stadiums in a country in the event of Asian football cup. Organization is said to be superb along the high quality facilities. Communication was perfect. But still the number of fans were reducing and lacking atmosphere to a great extent 世界盃 now. There were hardly 2, 000 supporters in power giants like Japan and Saudi Arabia, while the number of supporters were reduced and remained less then 4, 000 in stunning event of China and Uzbekistan. Same number of spectators were recorded when Australia beat Bahrain.

Even the host (Qatar) was unable to attract maximum number of fans, when they were playing against Japan. It was one of the exciting matches. It was counted as the biggest match of Qatar up till now. Bin Hamam is very much satisfied with the standard of football. while he was talking to AFC website officials on 25th of January, 2011(Tuesday), when South Korea played against Japan and Australia was in opposition to Uzbekistan. He said: “This tournament has provided so many teams with such a good standard”. 10 teams were reputed as the best teams for world cup. Uzbekistan should not be wondered because they had performed really well, beside them; Japan, South Korea and Australia are said to be the best teams of the Asia. They are going to represent Asia, in 2022 world cup. Qatar’s performance is also glorified.

Bin Hamam once again praised the domination of the East Asian teams. Due to diplomatic failure, any Gulf side did not host the last four seasons of the world cup. He did not comment on the performance of any single team and said: “I think it’s a good achievement for East Asia but I remain president of all of Asia. East and West for me are equal”. This shows the prosperity and dignity of a person, who is representing Asia, as a football chief confederation president.

He did not only talk about East Asia, he also admired the way Western teams operated in Asia cup. In sports, one side have to win and opposite side have to face the defeat and one should accept the decision of game respectfully. This is the sports man spirit.

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