June 26, 2022

Do you know how many languages are spoken throughout the world today? According to the encyclopedia, Ethnologue, there are approximately 6,912 living languages in the actively used.

It’s simple, most people conduct their online searches in their own home language, in fact 96% of global web users search in their native tongue. If 63% of the total online population worldwide speaks another language than English, this means that there are mass numbers of web user actively buying and selling via search engines in other languages right now completely by-passing the English language markets, and if they were looking for your product or service, they might just miss you.

The best way to have a strong online presence is to make sure that the content on your company’s website is search engine friendly. This is achieved by ‘localizing’ your content. This is the process of translating content, but taking it one step further to ensure that it’s readability is perfect and checked against local customs, cultural differences and preferences Multilingual digital marketing. International SEO copywriting is simply a process of providing localized content that is original, not translated. Be sure to find content writer has in the local market and is, in fact, a native-speaker. This dramatically increases your chances of getting noticed by members of the local target market.

When it comes to writing web content in a multitude of languages, most business owners are very cautious. Their well-founded fear of translation errors and cross-cultural mistakes prevent most of them from reaching out to prospective multilingual customers. However, these businesses can’t really afford to not pay attention to the ever-increasing number of people who do speak, shop and manage their businesses in their own mother-tongues. These businesses simply do not understand the economical importance of communicating marketing messages through multiple languages and various marketing channels. It is said that there is currently more than 300 languages spoken in the United States of America and 14 million of those American households do not speak English as the first language.

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