August 13, 2022

Vegetables are an essential element of a healthy diet regardless whether you’re looking to shed weight, build muscle or simply feel better. Vegetables are full of minerals, vitamins and micronutrients. They fill you up and aid in regulating your digestion system, and can be a good choice in times when you are feeling hungry or have to eat something. Some people find the idea that they eat their vegetables infuriating.

It’s what you’ll observe. The colorless broccoli steaming until it’s the most spongy, flavorless or textural nightmare? If you don’t have Cheeze Whiz to hide the entire mess, that is pretty hard vegan greens vitamins  to get down… Don’t eat it! You don’t have to fear that your mom will withhold dessert from you. Instead, here are some tips for working vegetables in to your diet in ways you might actually enjoy instead of merely tolerating:

1. Shopping local = fresh

Freshness of the produce is a major factor in taste and nutrient content. You’ll be amazed at how fresh the fruit tastes when you go to the farmer’s market in your area or visit farm stands. If it’s not during the season for harvest where you live, it’s definitely worth paying a little bit extra to get your produce from a higher end grocer to get the best high-quality products available. Learn to identify whether a product is fresh or used. It is important to note that they are brightly color and free of any marks.

2. Cut your haul

So, you got some pretty looking veggies, but just like that treadmill that’s sitting in your garage, they won’t bring you any good if you don’t take action with the vegetables! You ought to get into the habit of buying vegetables that are able to be consumed without any preparation (carrot sticks or snap peas) however, you should take the time after you return after shopping to prepare your other vegetables. Cut the peppers into bite-sized strips chop your kale and dice your onions and then store them in bags made of plastic or Tupperware containers. So, you don’t have to think about cutting your peppers in small pieces, dicing the onions, or grabbing the knives when you cook your meal. All you have to do is pull open the fridge and grab the things you’ll need.

All cut and ready!

3. The high heat transforms vegetables into candy!

Okay, I’m exaggerating just slightly, but bear with me. Many people who want to shed pounds think they have to steam vegetables. While there’s nothing wrong to steaming your veggies if that’s how you like ’em, but they often end up overcooked and flavorless. Instead of going with bland food, you can make caramelization an art in cooking by roasting, grilling, or frying the vegetables. By hitting your vegetables with enough heat, the natural sugars undergo an chemical reaction that brings out the sweetness and adds an intense nutty taste. This can also give your vegetables more of a texture, unlike steaming.

Instead of putting your vegetables in the microwave, you can coat them in a bit of coconut oil that’s melted, and bake them in the oven between 425 and 450 degrees for about 10 minutes or mix them with olive oil and throw them onto a grill. Cook them until tender, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, and take a bite to. I love roasting carrot sticks or roasted green beans, as well as roasted Brussels sprouts. Although it will require some extra attention and energy than using the microwave to cook, the rewards are worth it.

4. There’s no way to tackle vegetables head-on. Keep them hidden!

If you’re still not at the point where you’re able to sit down and make an assortment of vegetables on your plate and then eat them, it’s possible to keep them hidden in other meals! Throw some diced onions and peppers into an omelet. Add a handful of spinach to shakes post-workout, take a look at cauliflower rice or cauliflower-mashed potatoes, or make a delicious hearty chili with additional tomatoes, peppers and onions.

5. Are you still eating not enough vegetables? You can try a supplement…

Although it’s not an alternative for vegetables, green supplement can help you get the minerals and vitamins that may be lacking if you aren’t eating enough. It’s not easy to get enough vegetables in your diet when traveling or eating out often. Green supplements are the best way to get some. Greens+ is a trusted brand that I highly recommend. I take it on occasion to get sufficient greens in my diet.

Hey guys, I hope this can help you see that vegetables shouldn’t be something you’re afraid of. Learn to cook delicious vegetable dishes and it’ll be reflected in the mirror and on the scale over time!

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