June 30, 2022

A friend of mine went on her first date with a true smoking addict. She stated on her profile non-smoker, but he didn’t say he was a smoker. When she met him at the coffee shop in the parking lot, he was smoking a cigarette. That wasn’t bad, but he lit another cigarette before he put the first one out.Inside Juul: The Most Promising, and Controversial, Vape Company in America  | Inc.com

He didn’t even use a lighter; he just lit it from the burning cigarette voopoo drag 2
. She decided to stick with the date and met him outside her car. She said the smoke odor on his clothes and hair just about knocked her out. He reeked with odor so bad; she could smell it on herself.

When she mentioned going in the coffee shop, he said he would be there after one more smoke. She could see two cartons of cigarettes on his dashboard and a huge pile of cigarette butts in the ashtray. She went in the coffee shop and he finally joined her after three more smokes.

She said his breath smelled awful and she almost threw up. She noticed his elbows were black as if he worked in an auto repair shop, but she knew it was from not taking a shower. His clothes were wrinkled and worn and he didn’t seem to care how he looked.

She said he didn’t say much just how he liked playing games on the computer and playing the slots. He didn’t have a job and claimed he never had a girlfriend. She couldn’t believe the dating service matched her up with such a guy.

She said his pictures looked great, and he was nice and clean with fresh looking shampooed hair. She found out he has an identical twin brother and he used his pictures. She said why couldn’t I have gotten his twin. His twin actually did work in aerodynamics and made good money but he was happily married. She said “just my luck.”

She made an excuse and left the coffee shop early, not that he was in there much as he was too busy outside chain smoking. Her mistake was sticking around too long and not going to the best dating site for a screen and background check. The twin brother would have shown up.v

It is quite an enjoyable “read” about the history of the Bradley smokers. In an attempt to improve the smokers that were around at the time, Bradley kept trying innovative alternatives to the drip pan, the heat, the heat source – everything to get a constant, controllable heat for hot and cold smoking. Cold smoking is smoking at a temperature under 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, the right combination of everything came together, and the Bradley fireless smoker was invented. The people who own Bradley smokers rave about the successes they have with their food. The food could be beef, lamb, fish, vegetables, even fruit.

A very nice feature with the Bradley smoker is that you can first smoke the meat, say a beef or lamb roast, for however long is recommended, and then continue with a slow roasting until the meat is thoroughly cooked for eating, all in the same unit. Nice, huh? You can leave the meat right in the Bradley smoker right up until it’s finished cooking.

Also, what some experienced bbq/grilling/smoking chefs say they like to do is smoke and slow roast in the Bradley smoker, and then transfer the meat into a conventional oven at a higher heat to form a tasty crust on the outside of the meat as the finishing touch.

Doesn’t this just make your mouth water? We can all imagine the savory flavor of smoked meat or fish. There’s just nothing like it. And with the marvel of the controllable heat element and the constant smoking from the flavored “bisquettes” that Bradley also manufactures, you can rely on your meat or fish being perfect each time.

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