June 26, 2022

Self-massage is one of the fastest and most affordable methods to get relief from muscle pain. The massage techniques listed below are extremely easy. Anyone can apply them. These tips can prevent injuries, increase mobility and reduce pain.

While this is a sound and safe recommendation given by a professional registered massage therapist. Please stop when you feel any discomfort or consult your physician in the event of a particular health condition before you try these techniques.

1. Check and adjust your posture habits: Do you have your legs crossed while sitting? Do you rest your head in front of your purse? Do you need to tilt your neck toward the side to gaze at your computer’s screen? Do you do repetitive movements? Do you often carry an infant on one side? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions it is likely that you’re creating muscular imbalances that, even though may seem harmless now can be a precursor to injuries. Finding the cause is the most effective way to alleviate pain.

2. Hydrotherapy Ice or no ice? That is the question most often asked when it comes to muscle injuries and relief. If in doubt, apply the ice for up to 10 minutes. Ice is usually utilized to reduce inflammation (an exaggerated healing response that can cause redness, pain as well as Maltepe masöz swelling and heat) and is usually experienced after a sudden incident, such as an ankle sprain. The use of heat is limited to when there isn’t any more inflammation. Its job is to improve circulation, which aids in healing. It helps calm the nervous system and decreases chronic muscle tension. A minimum of 20 minutes are recommended.

3. Self-massage Golf or tennis balls can be useful for immediate relief from muscle pain. It is possible to use the ball to massage your shoulders and neck with the palm of your hands to loosen tension in your neck muscles. Simply by placing the ball on the ground it is possible to lay your upper back (the part of your body that is fatty between your shoulder blade and your spine) as well as your back lower (avoiding any spine) on over it. Be sure to keep your knees bent as you utilize your legs to control your body’s movement on top of the ball. A second self-massage method for sciatica is to rest on the ball on a chair , placing your hands on the armrest for support and pressure control.

4. The stretching process: Think of the muscles like the elastic bands. It will most likely stretch out further and more easily when it is warm than when it is cold. The same principles apply to a muscle. To stretch tight neck muscles focus your eyes straight ahead and bend your neck such that one ear is leaning towards the shoulder on that same side. You can put an additional weight to your hands and hold for 2 minutes or 30 seconds repeated 4 times. Repeat the process on the opposite hand. It might appear to be a long period of time but it’s vital for muscle memory. Less than 30 seconds is useless. Another stretch for the hip/buttock as well as the lower back region is to lie straight on a 90-degree angled chair and to cross the right ankle across on the left leg or thigh. Set the right hand over the knee with the right angle and gradually lean forward applying pressure on the knee in order to increase the stretch. Then, feel a stretch that is painless and remain for 2 minutes or 30 seconds. Repeat 4 times. Repeat the exercise for the opposite leg.

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