August 13, 2022

Within a year from its launch in Dec 2005, Youtube was voted Invention of the Year by Time Magazine and has since become the second most popular search engine. It has revolutionized the world by making video sharing and viewing accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Its massive reach and free hosting make it an ideal web traffic generator. Here is how to optimize your videos and communicate a brand presence for huge results.15 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views, Likes, and Subscribers - The Economic  Times

If you are making a promotional video, try to keep the length less than 2 minutes. Don’t worry so much about quality but focus on getting the message across buy youtube likes. A real estate agent was able to sell a property above asking price when her video of a walkthrough of the house attracted many offers, leveraging the technologies of Youtube and Craigslist. Similarly a maker of high end blenders, dispensers and mixers boosted sales through a series of videos that showed their products being used to blend a range of items from marbles to rake handles.

To help your video reach its target audience, come up with an interesting title like ‘fire your boss’, if you happen to be pitching a work from home business. Think of the keywords that people will type to look for your product and insert these into the title, description and tags.

Basic video editing features are available on the fly as you post on Youtube, like annotating and trimming. Annotations are text that appear as watermarks that can be positioned anywhere within the video for whatever duration. Use these to promote links to your websites.

Creating and customizing a channel on Youtube allows you to project more of your personality or brand presence. It is the home page for an account, displaying the account name, the account type, the public videos uploaded, and any user information entered. The visual appearance of the channel can be modified with the built in tools and you can sequence videos that are thematically linked in the order you want by building a playlist. Clearly Youtube is the largest video sharing site in the world. And since being purchased by Google late in 2006, there has been much speculation as to the direction that Google would take with Youtube. For years, many marketers (myself included) have been using Youtube very successfully to generate a lot of traffic. Unfortunately, many marketers have overstepped their bounds, and have abused YouTube’s Terms of Service by creating multiple accounts, overloading tags and keywords at the expense of content, using “friend getter” type software, and a host of other “black hat” tactics. Sadly, many of today’s top marketers and trainers have even promoted these tactics.

Google is now used to being the biggest kid on the block. If you have any experience with Google AdWords, you know that Google is constantly changing their algorithms to improve their services. What this usually means is that advertisers (read: us marketers) are constantly having to adjust to these changes, knowing that it’s part of the price we pay for success.

A couple of weeks ago, Youtube got into the bullying act. In an effort to enforce their Terms of Service, Thousands of Youtube accounts were SHUT DOWN without warning. Most of these accounts were owned by Network marketers. Many of these were well known Top Earners…. people that I communicate with regularly. Most of these people had no recourse, and have now lost thousands of hours of work and goodwill that was built up on their channels. Very scary. I’ve only heard of a couple of extreme cases where Youtube reinstated accounts, and that was after many of the offending videos were deleted.

The obvious lesson here is that black-hat tactics can only work for so long. If you are in this game for the long-haul (and I hope you are), you need to recognize that you are building a brand. That brand is YOU. And, an important piece of that brand-building should be coming from Youtube. So, in order to help you move forward successfully, and not become YouTube’s latest victim…

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