June 30, 2022

The ultimate goal of sports bettors is to make a profit while enjoying the sport we love. Unfortunately, for the majority of gamblers this is an elusive dream. However by developing and carefully applying a strategy, any person can turn this dream come true.

There are two factors that you should consider when making money from sports gambling:

  • Bet Selection
  • Staking Plan

Bet Selection

The first one, Bet Selection, is obvious We must be backing winners at least some of the time. Let’s look at Horse Racing, anecdotally there are many professional punters who earn a decent living by picking horses, but the most important word is professional. Analyzing and analyzing each horse that is raced on the 59 races across the UK requires a significant amount of time and expertise. If you want to be successful then it’s an all-time job! For most of us, this means that we must use the advice of experts to take care of the legwork for us.

Horse Racing Tipsters

UK horse racing isn’t without its challenges. There’s no limit to self-proclaimed “experts” on the Internet that charge as high as PS100 each month. When selecting horse racing tipsters, the most important factor we should consider is the long-term results.

The Internet is awash with tipsters who’ve had a good month but then come back to post a loss for the next six months. But you’ll only see the one month on their website! Never follow any tips without Casinos near me checking the complete history of the tipster’s result. Choose a tipster who publishes the entire horse racing tips history, and with results that are published. tips are published the next day along with a complete record of their tips.

Look at the Tipster proofing website like Racing-Index which grades the performance for a number of tipsters. Look at the tipster you cash and that is compatible to your betting style – can you actually place the 100 tips each month?

It isn’t likely to earn us riches The most effective tipsters are not available to new members or charge so high a rate that any profits are lost immediately. It is best to design our own system, based on advice from experts combined with our own investigation. This is the approach that is successfully employed for greyhound racing among the fans of the site. Like all things, the more you work into your system, the more will be able to get.

Staking Plan

Once we have a betting strategy in place, it’s time to consider an staking plan. The most simple is Fixed and Level Stakes where we simply place the same amount of money such as two percent of our initial bank each time we bet for our chosen horse however , we’d want to increase our bets as the betting bank grows. This results in Percentage Staking which is where a certain percentage of the betting account is wagered each time. In other words, as we win our stakes are larger and vice versa, the stakes are smaller as the bank’s size decreases.

But, our intuition tells us that these stakes are foolish as we’d be putting the exact amount of money on horses with low odds compared to one with a high odds. If we want for the highest return, it is best to put a larger stake on a low odds bet as the odds are lower and the payout will be less.

To determine the best strategy for staking, we can take an online course in statistics, and then dedicate an entire year to research. We live in a time where this research is readily available. From probability theory we have an idea of the Kelly Strategy where the optimal proportion of our betting bank is determined by the odds associated with the bet and our own estimate of the likelihood of the horse winning.

Using any online Kelly Strategy Calculator just feed into the values to calculate percent of betting bank we apply to each horse. Now , the Kelly Strategy can give us some spooky percentage stakes should there’s a startling series of high-risk horses therefore we could change it into the Half Kelly Staking Plan where we wager half the percentage suggested in Kelly Strategy. Kelly Strategy. This could result in an accelerated accumulation of profits but a less hair-raising ride.


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