June 30, 2022

Actors: teachersstudents and parents. Each one of them will see things differently, and knowing how to make Waec expo them buy your new proposition will be the key to your success.BSEB Class 12 Exam 2022: Admit Cards Released

It’s an alternative to the traditional teacher/lecture centered approach. In a flipped strategy classroom contents are multimedia based and are accessed through some LMS outside of school. Classroom time is used to deepen that home-acquired knowledge using other strategies, as project based learning, collaborative tasks, etc.

For teachers it is a great way to improve lessons’ structure. Resources can be mapped from the syllabus and new activities can be implemented for classroom time. For students it can be challenging, after all you are taking them out of their classical school environment. But they are also given the opportunity to be in charge of their own education, and they can even set their own pace in the process. For parents it’s an excellent opportunity to take part and track their children’s education.


Our world is changing. New technologies are gaining power, societies are readapting their habits and schools should improve in the same manner. Our students, who are used to manipulate complex devices like mobile phones, are getting more and more bored in front of paper books and crave for multimedia based, dynamic, colourful, and interactive contents.

A teacher can find a great ally in flipping to engage his students, apply new techniques and create a personal reusable repository of well-selected contents. But not only teachers, students can also take advantage of being empowered and trusted. For them it could be seen like being abandoned in the middle of the dessert, but let’s not forget that constructivism also deals with uncertainty, and that’s a relevant factor for learning reinforcement.


There are two whens. The first one is related to preparation. The more quality contents you want, the more time you will have to expend curating them. Anyway it’s important not to be over exigent about them and check their effectiveness (some polls can be done to know the opinion of your students). Your repository should be something flexible and dynamic. If it’s not, then it mightn’t work.

The second when is about the time students invest at home, I.e, when should students work after school? That’s a tricky question as you lose control of them after they have got out of school. Each student will have a different agenda: sports, music, etc. Then this factor shouldn’t preoccupy us excessively, but keeping a record of your students’ complains about not having enough time could be of help for strategy improvement. If out of school time is scarce, flipping could be approached differently.

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