June 29, 2022

Welcome to the crazy world of social media. You know, the segment of market where the one day you have nothing, and then the next day there’s an all-new business that’s worth billions. The story of Instagram is similar to this. This photo sharing social media hub appeared out of thin air and ended up being bought by Facebook for $1 billion. Now comes the tough part: how will Instagram’s product managers change things to ensure that Instagram can start to make profits… ?

Instagram’s World Today

Instagram functions as an “app” that runs on both Apple and Android mobile phones. Instagram has defined its purpose as “… to record and share the world’s moments… ” The app does this by allowing its users to take photos using the camera on their cell phones and then share them on the web.

When Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion dollars, they did it for one reason only: to help Facebook expand into the mobile segment. Facebook was buy instagram views struggling to capture some of this expanding market.

Instagram has an active user base of around 150 million users who enjoy the app’s clean, cool design that allows them to easily share photos. Any changes made to this can quickly lead users to leave and go find another app to use to share their photos Do you remember what happened to MySpace?

What Instagram’s Product Managers Can Do

Instagram’s product managers have the real task in front of them. The crucial element to their success is to change the definition of their product development and figure out a way to incorporate advertising into their app in a manner that doesn’t annoy or upset their existing base of users. The first step the product managers have made is to catalog all of the brand marketers who are actively using Instagram without cost. This is a great effort , and they should add it to their manager resume.

Product managers are currently sitting down with those companies to see how they can improve the effectiveness of advertising on Instagram even more profitable for them. The challenge that they face is that if the ads that appear on the app become excessively “in your face”, the risk is that they will drive their base of customers away.

What’s missing from the bag of tricks for product managers? tricks are the analytical tools they will require to make selling ad space profitable. These tools will enable advertisers to measure how far they can reach and the efficacy of their Instagram advertising campaigns. The ultimate goal should be to make things easy for the end users. If they make the process too complicated, their product will not succeed.

What All Of This Means For You

There’s no doubt: Instagram is a hugely popular social media service. But, they face one major issue: right now they aren’t able to earn a profit. Facebook hasn’t spent $1 billion dollars to acquire Instagram simply because they liked the way that it was looking. They want to make money. There must be changes.

The Instagram product manager are in a delicate equilibrium that they need to strike that was never discussed in their product manager job description. On the one hand, they need to maintain Instagram’s minimalist design which has attracted more than 150 million users. On the other, they need to start adding ads so that the business can earn money. One of the biggest issues is that a lot of companies are using Instagram for free to market their products.

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